Nayantara gets a 27 lakhs gift from Prabhu deva

It is reported that the actress has received a surprise gift from Prabhu Deva which was a worthy item, for the doll looking actress.

There is news that Nayantara was gifted with a costly Jewellery necklace, which has 27 diamonds on it and was plated with platinum and gold. It is reported that, Prabhu Deva gave a special order to the Jewellery in Dubai, when he was on a foreign tour and ordered it immediately. The necklace is said to be worth Rs 27 lakhs and was gifted to Nayantara on the occasion of her 27th birthday.

Presently, Nayantara and Prabhu Deva are facing tough time in public and with the media and are said to celebrate the day, in an undisclosed location alone.

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Balakrishna Daughter in love with Mohan babu son

Tejaswini is the second
of actor Balakrishna, born on July 2th, 1989. The young girl is busy
pursuing her studies and is in love with Manchu Manoj these days. It
is a fact that, the two met at a formal function last year and Manchu
Manoj was impressed by Tejaswini and started to follow her. He somehow
found her mobile number and mail id and was constantly in touch with
her through his special tricks. 

But media reports suggested
that Teju is a sincere girl and is focused on her studies. She asked
Manchu Manoj to speak to the elders, at first and then carry on with
his tricks. But the ‘Bindaas’ boy somehow lured teju into his love
and the girl is seen reciprocating his love these days. According to
her very close friends, she is in stage one of love and is seen sending
him some personnel and sleazy messages passed on by her friends. There
is news that the two chat daily on phone and reciprocate their day to
day experiences. 

However, Teju’s friends say
that she is in a dilemma, whether to proceed or not and so has not
or crossed limits with Manchu manoj. But Manchu Manoj is said to be
serious and has hinted about his love story to his mother Vidya. 

Balayya’s wife Vasundara
came to know about her younger daughter Teju’s new found love and
has asked her to stay out of this bonding and instead focus on her

Frankly speaking, Teju is
and deserves a good match as she is has crossed her 20 years of age
recently. But Manchu Manoj is also a well settled person as he looks
after his father’s real estate business and school and has tried a
bit as a hero in Tollywood as well. 

More details are awaited!

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Malluwood sets an example for Indian film industry

Recently, the AMMA association held a meeting and discussed some technical as well as social aspects faced by malluwood in the recent past. The association has decided to have particular timings for the film industry. All movies shooting schedules from now on will have to be filmed in between 7 Am and 7pm and all the films must be strictly made on a budget of Rs 3.5-4 crores. If in case a director needs more time of shooting or wants to film in odd hours a special permission will be granted on request.  
Another decision which was made in the meeting was about the shooting schedules length. Al Malayalam movies will be entitled for a 45 day shoot from now on and will have to complete their shooting within 50 days of time at the most. Moreover, use of mobiles on the shooting location is said to ban as the industry has faced several bitter experiences with the use of Mobile phones. 

With all these decisions taken by the malluwood, it is sure to reflect on the other film industries within a short period of time.Especially Bollywood has no limitations as such and so the movies are being made for years, on a high budget and with no particular time limitations.

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Divya says “no” to second heroine roles

Speaking more on this she pointed out that her role in ‘Varanam Aayiran’ was equally important that of Sameera reddy’s. Divya plays the role of Surya Sivakumar’s wife in the second half. Sameera plays his lovers role in the first half of the movie.  

For this reason, Divya refused to act in the movie DROHI which had a similar character role for her and demanded a dual role that of a mother and a daughter she felt that she was not ready to play mother character roles now and so refused to act in ‘Drohi’ inspite of being offered a hefty amount of 15 lacs.

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Katrina signs autographs with Mehndi

The actress was seen signing
autographs, not with a pen
or a marker. Instead, she choose to sign her autograph on the hands
of her fans with a mehndi cone. The actress was pleased with the idea
of signing with a mehndi cone, when she was offered to do so, by a cute
The milkish complexioned
was seen sitting among the guests and obliged them with her autographs.
Katrina attended the wedding and mehndi ceremony of singer Amrita, who
sang the ‘just chill’ song of her film “Maine Pyaar Kyon kiya”. 

 Katrina Kaif was excited
to be a guest in the wedding function of Rajasthani’s and was impressed
by all the rituals and traditions followed in the marriage.

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Kamal encourages Gauthami to take on small screen path

She is all set to play as a lead in the movie titled as
“Abhirami” which is being produced by Abhirami Ramanatham.  
The daily serial will be aired
on the Kalainagar TV and is said to compete with actress Radhika’s
new tele serial aired on Sun network. The tele serial is penned by Padmini
who is a creative head and daughter of Abhirami ramanatham. According
to close sources, Gauthami is being encouraged by her Live in partner
Kamal Hassan who desires to see Gauthami as a successful lady in the
television industry.

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Amala Paul turns into a smart cookie

For this reasons, she has rejected the role offered by director Murgadoss, citing date issues. But the real reasons is that Amala Paul wants to work in Kollywood, opposite to known faces and is disinterested in small roles or opposite to new faces.

It is a fact that, all those actresses, who featured opposite to new faces, perished without a trace in Kollywood. Amala Paul is said to be stepping smart in Kollywood, as she has three big projects in Kollywood. The first one happens to be Chiyan Vikram’s ‘Deiva Magan’. Amala Paul is also playing one of the lead roles in the movie ‘Vettai’, which has actor Arya in lead, under the direction of linguswamy or suseendran.

There are chances that Amala Paul may sign a movie opposite to Dhanush and one opposite to Vijay. Presently, Amala is feeling satisfied with her future career in 2011. But the actress feels that the she has to go a long way in order to make her future secure in Kollywood. Tamil media has already started to compare Amala Paul with tamannah and tag her to be the next big actress of Kollywood.

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Priyamani miffed up with the media

A few days ago this dusky beauty hiked remuneration by few lakhs in Tollywood as well as Kollywood. From then on her mentor Cheran gave a media interview that Priyamani was not at all price worthy for an astronomical amount. Later on he apologized for saying so to Priyamani on phone. But the media is still clutching this statement and is publishing that Priyamani has nothing to show anymore and so must reduce her remuneration. 

Priyamani has bagged a meaty role in Mani Ratnam’s next film and also is skeptical that she may not act in low budget movie s and low graded stars. Since she exposes a lot on silver screen she is adamant that she must get the pay accordingly 

Previously, her name was being involved and linked with Vishal and now this latest price hike story has made the dusky babe furious on media.

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Namitha secret night lessons

When the media started to dig the matter, there were surprised to know the facts. They came to know that Namitha was taking Salsa dance lessons from a known trainer and it was he along with his wife, who was giving the sex bomb regular dose of Salsa lessons. 

Very recently Namitha received a complement that she was turning in to a flabby cylinder day by day which can erupt health problems in her. This made Namitha to rethink on her extra weight and so has opted for a Salsa dance classes which is a wise thinking to reduce the extra fat. 

Close sources to Namitha say that the pretty looking actress has lost almost 3 kilos weight in just 1 week and is delighted by this fact.

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Anushka Shetty joins ‘Vaanam’ for Simbhu

It is reported that the movie is said to be directed by Krish, who also directed the original.

Now, coming to the main news, it is reported that actor Silambarasan and Anushka pair were captured on the film yesterday on September 27th, 2010. it is a fact that actor Silambarasan aka simbhu is a big fan of Anushka and there were rumors that he is going to marry Anushka and also had a date with her on a long drive in his luxury car.

Well, presently, nothing is official about the above sentence, but it is confirmed that his dream to work with her on screen has finally worked out. The scene in which Cable Raja (Simbhu) meets Saroja (Anushka) was captured on camera yesterday and the unit sources say that Simbhu was seen praising Anushka to the peak.

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